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About us

LE studio means "The" Studio in French, and we purposefully added this little note of "je-ne-sais-quoi" to our name, the same way we will infuse the design of your home with what makes it special to and uniquely YOU.

Our studio is dedicated to creating experiences and memories in your space while preserving harmony and a sense of purposeful living. We have a passion for creating high-end spaces that feel comfortable and reflect who you are, through a personalized and consultative approach, and carefully guide you through the many choices and decisions to avoid costly mistakes. We address your functional needs, but we also want it to speak to your personality and aesthetic vision and what is rooted in your story.  believe a well-designed space helps people live their best lives and we are inspired by homes that are unique and memorable in the way they make you feel.

We also are mindful and thoughtfully advise on  "trends" of the moment. Too often, designing an interior becomes an import of meaningless and pre-set design ideas and we think that there certainly a better way to create your space. We will rather gather the existing decor that is part of the story and will integrate them into your new design, while seamlessly integrating innovative material and shapes into the building process.


​Ultimately, we want your house to reflect your personality and your lifestyle and bring a deep feeling of contentment in your everyday life.

The team

Over the course of the past 10+ years, we have assembled a team of trusted professionals in the Industry, from General Contractors leading a dedicated and seasoned crew, licensed Architects, Furniture designers, and Landscapers. The success of your project only depends on how well it is executed and we have very carefully selected and vetted the work of whom we bring on on your constructions and projects. The attention to detail and commitment to our projects is what makes the difference and we uphold them to the same standard of excellence and quality. Rounding up the team is a list of carefully selected vendors we are happy to introduce you to for all your furnishing, art, home decor, etc.



Sandra Marie is the Creative Director and CEO of LE studio. She brings a cosmopolitan flair and European sensibility to each of the projects, backed by strong project management.
Born and raised in France, she has since traveled the world, bringing all influences, colors, and flavors in her designs. She finds inspiration from people's own stories, in nature, travel locations, and sometimes even in her clients' wardrobe, and creates clean designs that are practical and timeless. When possible, she will include statement pieces that are meaningful and remembered. Bonus point for anything in reclaim wood or Antique patina!
Over the past 10 years, she has completed projects all over the Bay Area. Her practical immersion in the Hospitality world has prepared her well for commercial space and hospitality design.
She currently shares her time between San Francisco and Sonoma. She is also completing a Certificate in Interior Design & Architecture at UC Berkeley. She is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.
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Experience you can trust.

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Let's talk?
What to expect during a consultation 

We'd love to hear about your project!

A consultation will often start with an in-person meeting in your home or commercial space, for up to 90 min and at no cost. We will evaluate the scope of the project, discuss creative directions, budget, and timeline. Mostly, we get to know each other and we will listen to what you need and what's important to you. We will do a thorough walk-through, take some notes, answer questions, walk your through the design process, how we work and what to expect.


Make sure to check-out our article in our FAQ on how to best prepare!

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Telephone:  1-415-741-1037


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